If you’ve experienced damage as a result of severe weather like hail, flood, windstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, the Rapid Response team is ready to help get your home back to its original condition. We have proudly resolved thousands of losses on varying sizes from smashed out windows to fallen trees.

Everything from the exterior to the interior of a home is susceptible to damage from severe weather. Damage to the exterior components of your home like the roofing and siding can lead to further damage developing inside your home.

Our Storm Damage Repair Process

We provide emergency storm damage repair services to prevent further damage. Severe weather can often times result in flooding caused by heavy rains, structural damage from tornadoes and wind damage, downed trees from lightning storms and roof damage.

With 11 response centers strategically located throughout the state of Florida, our team is able to arrive on site within one hour of the initial phone call. All of our response centers are equipped with high demand post storm supplies including:

  • Plywood

  • Generators

  • Tools

  • Emergency Tarping

  • Roofing Patches

If storm damage has occurred to your home, contact us right away to prevent further damage 888-410-7274

How we do it

Our first priority is always your safety. After a storm hits, our crews are dispatched to impacted areas, they assess initial damage, begin property clean up and debris clearing, and work with you on establishing a restoration plan for any additional repairs needed in your home. Licensed inspectors are sent to your residence to conduct the appropriate evaluations and ensure standards are being met on all repairs and restorations.



Don’t Delay - Contact us today

If storm, tornado, wind, or hurricane damage occurs, we will immediately come to your home to help assess damage. Whether your home was impacted by wind damage or fell victim to a lightning strike, our professionals will arrive on site to provide the appropriate assessment and response measures.

Storm damage services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Board-up

  • Roof Patching or Tarping

  • Water Extraction

  • Tree Removal

  • Debris Removal

Total reconstruction services and mold remediation are also available if needed. We are committed to helping you with the restoration process of your home, inside and out. Whether it’s rain, hail, lightning, flooding, a tornado, or hurricane; call us right away to mitigate further damage from occurring in your home. The Rapid Response team works with all insurance carriers. When disaster strikes, call the Rapid Response Team 888-410-7274