Preparing for the hurricane season well in advance is a smart and proactive approach we recommend for all business owners.

That’s why we’ve compiled month-to-month quarterly tips you can start implementing right now that will save you plenty of time come June 1st.


Develop Emergency Plans and Communication Protocols

January is a great time to ensure all employees know evacuation routes and emergency procedures. If you’re unsure how to clearly communicate the importance of following evacuation procedures and the significance of timely evacuation, our CODE BLUE Program can provide your business and employees with the proper training that will cover evacuation routes, assembly points, and the operation of safety equipment. Effective communication is key to coordinating emergency responses and ensuring your employees’ and stakeholders’ safety and well-being.


Review Your Insurance Coverage

Review and update your insurance coverage in February, noting any special considerations specific to hurricane-related damages, such as windstorm coverage. Evaluate whether your current policies adequately address the unique challenges presented by hurricanes, including wind damage, storm surge, and flooding. Remember, standard commercial property insurance typically does not cover flooding. Given the significant risk of flooding during hurricanes, consider adding a separate flood insurance policy to your coverage.

After reviewing and/or updating your current policies, make sure you scan and store digital copies of all important insurance documents in a secure, cloud-based storage system accessible to key personnel from any location and that you maintain physical copies in a secure and easily accessible location within your business premises. Physical copies should be stored in a waterproof and fire-resistant container to protect them from potential damage during a hurricane or other disasters.


Inspect and Secure Property

Take time in March for a professional property evaluation to identify any vulnerabilities or potential hazards. By acquiring a free Disaster Recovery Plan with the CODE BLUE Program, our team will seamlessly integrate your property’s unique characteristics and conduct a detailed inspection of the roof, windows, access points, parking, water shut-offs, and more. Additionally, we offer a full photographic record to help you file potential insurance claims. And we offer it all to you at zero cost.

By following our month-to-month approach this quarter, you’re not just preparing for a storm; you’re investing in the resilience and continuity of your business—whether you get CODE BLUE or go it alone. Stay tuned for next quarter’s Rapid Insights and month-to-month preparedness tips as we navigate the path to a hurricane-ready business environment.

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