Our process

Mold thrives throughout our sup-tropical climate here in Florida. It's a good thing we are trained on how to eliminate it! Mold proliferates from water damage, poor indoor air quality, or a lack of air circulation from your HVAC system. And it often lurks behind walls and substrates posing the worse kind of threat: hidden.

We follow a five-step IICRC certified process compliant with all Florida mold laws: 



Upon inspection, we will advise you on an effective plan for preliminary testing, removal, remediation, and post-clearance testing.


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They sent a mold remediation crew that worked efficiently and meticulously and even cleaned up each day… [and] all worked very hard to get the job done as timely as possible. What was at first a very stressful thing that nobody would want to go through turned out to be great… Everyone that worked on this project was supportive, hard-working and extremely professional.
— Alisa W.