Residential Restoration


Dear Mr. Berman,

I am writing to tell you how wonderful I feel I was treated by everyone from the Rapid Response Team. I was very happy with the way my claim was handled and have told many people how good you and your team are.

I really appreciated the Rapid Response (no pun intended). Every call I had to make was returned promptly not only by you but, by other members. I was treated with respect, kindness and politeness by all members who were in my home. The workers were at my house promptly by 9am every day until the job was finished. I would especially like to mention Anthony Cender and Howard Warshaw, as they were most kind, efficient, and worked very hard doing a SUPERB job. These two men also came into my home everyday with a cheerful, friendly, positive attitude. I would like to mention John Biggs, as he was also very prompt, helpful, and considerate regarding me and the work that had to be done to renovate my home.

To be treated with such respect, while under duress, due to the problem that caused damage to my home, was very comforting and gave me peace of mind.

I wish you continued success with the Rapid Response Team. Please continue to apply yourselves in the same manner as you did with me with all of your customers!

Thank you for a job well done!

Cynthia Johnson

Gary Ricke